Cicero Illinois Westin Hotel

The Cicero Illinois Westin Hotel in Cicero, Illinois, is one of the most popular hotels in the Chicago area and is pet friendly.

The Best Western Hawthorne Terrace Hotel welcomes two pets under 80 lbs for an additional fee of $25 per pet per stay. Bolingbrook welcomes up to two pets under 50 lbs. With an additional $5 per night for the first pet and $10 for each additional pet thereafter. The American Woodfield Mall in Chicago accepts two pets of any size as long as you do not exceed 150 pets per month. In the wheelchair, two pets of all sizes are welcome, from dogs to wheelchairs to cats, dogs and even cats, and two dogs or cats weighing no more than 10 pounds.

Please read the house rules and contact the owner or host. Please read the "House Rules" section of this list for more information on the rules and requirements for pets in the hotel.

If applicable, the local fees are usually displayed at the checkout in the "Owner's Fees" section. Please enter your pets in the "Guest" field when making your reservation so that you can enter the pet fee.

A quiet and well-behaved pet cannot be left unattended, provided you leave a contact number at the reception. A quiet, well-behaved pet may be left unattended at any time, but only if you provide your mobile number at reception. Well - Pets may only be left unattended if you have provided us with your front door number and / or contact information for your pet's office.

Dog beds, bowls and treats are available at check-in and dog treats are available at reception. There is a lawn for pets on the property and there are dog parks around the hotel. Treats for dogs have been provided and are always available in front of the desk, but there is no dog bed, dog bowl or treats for pets in the dog park, which are available at any time of day.

There is no designated pet area on the property, but there is a dog park nearby and Washington Park is within walking distance of the hotel. The lake road to Lake Michigan is just a few blocks away, and there are dog parks nearby as well as a park near the parking lot.

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More About Cicero