Cicero Illinois Wyndham Hotel

The Wyndham Hotel in Cicero, Illinois, is one of the largest hotels in the state of Illinois and the second largest hotel in Illinois.

Don't miss the opportunity to stay at West Side Ymca 61 and stay at one of the best hotels in Cicero, Illinois, the Wyndham Hotel. Other great options for a family getaway include the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago and the Hilton Garden Inn & Suites in downtown Chicago. Some other great options for staying with children are a Chicago hotel, such as the Marriott Marquis & Spa or the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Chicago's oldest hotel.

For motel sales, please visit the sales page for the Cicero, Illinois Wyndham Hotel on the West Side Ymca 61. Motels for sale are also available on the west side of YMca61 in Chicago, Chicago and other Chicago hotels.

For sales, please visit the sales page for the Cicero, Illinois Wyndham Hotel on the west side of YMca 61.

Washington Park is within walking distance and the lake to Lake Michigan is just a few blocks away. There is a dog park nearby, but there is no designated area for pets on the property, so please visit the website for more information about the pet - friendly amenities available at the Wyndham Hotel.

For more information about the hotel, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, call (888) 754-5555. Home (fsbo) is offered for sale at the Wyndham Hotel in Cicero, Illinois, south of Chicago, IL.

Leisure Real Estate Advisors represents several hotels for sale and we would highly recommend our brokerage services. We also offer hotel buy & sell, which brings buyers and sellers of American hospitality properties together through our web-based hotel and motel brokerage services and our US-based brokerage service. The Wyndham Hotel in Cicero, Illinois, including tearoom, cafe and restaurant is on the list. It is a beautiful historic hotel with a great view of the Chicago River and the city of Chicago, IL.

The Howard Johnson & Company-owned Motorlodge has proven its worth since it was sold in 1979 to the Wyndham Hotel Corporation, the world's largest hotel and motel chain. There is a restaurant with a tearoom, café and restaurant as well as a hotel bar and lounge. It ranges from an express motel to a limited-service motel and is available during the day or night for $5,000- $6,500.

The number of restaurants that still existed around 1985 was greatly reduced after Marriott quickly demolished the company - restaurants owned by Howard Johnson - and transformed it into the Bob's Big Boy restaurant chain. The hotel's Bangor restaurant no longer has the distinctive orange roof and only two of the original restaurants will be open from 2013. Howard - Johnson - Frozen foods like frozen pizza and frozen yogurt disappeared after Fairfield Farms Kitchens closed in 2006 and America's Kitchen in Atlanta, Georgia, closed in May 2008. FAI ceased operations in 2009, the same year the restaurant at the Wyndham Motorlodge Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland, closed.

In a concurrent transaction, Marriott sold the Howard-Johnson restaurant chain and its restaurants to Imperial Hotels and Resorts. Imperial acquired the company - the restaurants and hotels it owned, as well as all the hotel assets.

In 1954, there were 11 rental apartments, seven of which were rented out year-round, and about 10 were owned by the company; the rest were franchised. The business opportunity was ideal for anyone who wanted to live or work in the Adirondacks, as there was no business to own it. In 1961, the Howard Johnson Company went public and the restaurant and motel chain was rebranded, helping guests identify it as Howard Johnson Hotels and Resorts.

There are no Four Seasons yet, but there are a number of hotels in the Sunbelt that will certainly meet the criteria.

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