Parents upset after man accused in shooting works as teacher

Published 10-23-2018

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LYONS, Ill. (AP) - Parents and officials are upset that a man was allowed to work as a teacher in suburban Chicago while awaiting trial on attempted murder charges.

Andres Rodriguez is accused of shooting a man seven times following a traffic dispute in Tinley Park in July 2017. He was placed on leave from teaching in Joliet, but worked in Cicero while free on bail. He was dismissed in June and the Lyons district hired him in August.

Officials in Cicero and Lyons say they weren't aware of his criminal case until after he'd started working.

The Lyons district put him on leave Friday. An attorney for Rodriguez has argued his actions were in self-defense.

Currently, officials say a conviction is needed for Illinois to suspend an educator's license in such a case.

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